C15TA in the field
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Click to enlarge I was assigned to this particular C15TA -named SMB10 - in november 1963 as radio-operator. Crew at the time was 1 sergent and 1 private. The sergent doubled as driver.
Click to enlarge My C15TA under camouflage netting.
Click to enlarge Break-downs were not infrequent with the C15TA. Here we try to determine the cause of unwillingness to keep going. (at that time it had been in service for almost 20 years.
Click to enlarge SMB10 and crew, summer 1964. Yours truly on the right.
Click to enlarge 'Aerial view' of the C15TA under camouflage netting
Click to enlarge Our main purpose was communication. The on-board radios were rather bulky. By february 1964 I was trained as driver. The crew at that time was two privates, both radio-operators.
The transmitter is on the left and the receiver is on the right.
Click to enlarge PMV, 4x4 a.k.a. mosegris. PMV 4x4 was the official Danish designation. Used as armoured personnel carrier and communicatons vehicle. Here seen with Jydske Dragoon Regiment (Jultland Dragoons).
Source: Jydske Dragoner 1679-1979
Click to enlarge Mosegris and crew. The black beret was unique with the dragoons in the sixties.
This and the two following pictures: Courtesy of Knud Thing Kristensen.
On the road somewhere in Western Jutland.
Accidents do happen
One of the first C15TA's to arrive in Denmark in 1946. It is interesting to notice, that they do not have license plates.
This and the picture below: Courtesy of Jacob Rasmussen.
The first C15TAs in Denmark were used for driving practice and radio communication. This lot was issued to the Sjællandske Ingeniør Regiment. (Sealand Engineer's Regiment)
An attempt to make a makeshift bridge for the C15TA.
The attempt was not succesfull and the C15TA had to be hauled out of the dicth.
A C15TA in difficulties, however, it did get out on its own power.
Courtesy of Mogens Christiansen
A unique collection of C15TAs doing service with the Dragoons in Holstebro, Denmark.
Courtesy of Karl Mathies.