TRUCK 15-CWT 4x4

Make: G.M. Canada
Model C.15.TA.

Chassis Model 8449
ENGINE: Make G.M. 270 6-CYL. Petrol. Bore. 3 25/32". Stroke 4".
Capacity 269.6 cu.ins. 4.41 litres. Max B.H.P. gross 104 @ 3000, net 95 @3000 r.p.m. Governed to 2750 r.p.m.
Max. torque (net) 2580 lbs. ins @ 1000. R.A.C. rating 34.31 n.p.
CLUTCH: Single dry plate
GEARBOX: 4 speed. Ratios 5.10 to 1, 2.61 to 1, 1.89 to 1, 1.00 to 1, rev 5.94 to 1.
TRANSFER BOX: 2 speed. Ratios, direct and 1.87 to 1.
FRONT AXLE: Ratio 6.5 to 1. Same diff. assembly as r. axle. 5" Bendix Weiss joints.
REAR AXLE: Full floating. Ration 6.5 to 1
BRAKES: Foot, Hydraulic vacuum servo assisted. Hand, Transmission brake.
STEERING: Right hand drive.
WHEELS AND TYRES: Wheels, divided type 6.00 x 16. Tyres 10.50-16 pneumatic. Spare carried left side of hull.
TRACK: F. 5' 11", R. 5' 10 3/4"
CAPACITIES: Fuel 40 gls. Cooling 3 3/4 gals.
B.H.P. per ton 18.C
Tractive Effort per ton (100%) 940 lbs/ton
Max speed 43 m.p.h. @ governed r.p.m.
Petrol Consumption 9 m.p.g. Radius 300 miles.
GENERAL: As a personel carrier, the vehicle seats 8 men with stowage for their rifles and all their equipment.
As a load carrier, the 8 rear seats can be removed and stowed in the side kit lockers. The rear foot well i covered by a plate. As an ambulance, stretcher support brackets are fitted to take 2 strechers longtitudinally in the body.
Strechers do not encroach in either front seats. Rear seat brackets are folded down.
ARMOUR: 14 MM. basis front and 6 MM. basis sides and rear.
VISION: Armoured front ports each carry protectoscopes. Ports are hinged to open up horizontally. Glass windscreens provided for use when ports are open.
WEATHER PROTECTION: Detachable canvas tilt on detachable hoops. When not in use hoops are bunched at front, and tilt is folded back on to unarmoured front roof (or continuation of the front screen).
STOWAGE: Two large stowage compartments above rear wheels either side; each taking camouflage net and 4 large haversacks. four collapsible basket bins inside body to take total of 8 blankets and 8 small haversacks. Bins can be collapsed and stowed in carrier on rear door.
Fittings for 8 rifles.
Tool locker in floor. P.O.W. carrier outside rear of body.
DOORS: Rear door 32" wide. Front doors 28" wide with hinged ports.
TOW HOOK: W.D. spring drawbar gear. Ht. 32"
Overall Length 15' 7" Overall Width 7' 7".
Overall Height 7' 6 3/4".
Full fuel and spare wheel (Max. gross rating)
F. Axle. 2 tons 0 3/4 cwt 2 tons 3 1/2 cwt.
R. Axle 2 tons 6 1/4 cwt. 3 tons 1 3/4 cwt
Gross 4 tons 7 cwt 5 tons 5 1/4 cwt.

Source: Data Book of Wheeled Vehicles, Army Transport, 1939-1945 Edited by David Fletcher